The Tudor England: from Royal London to the little paths of English province

In difficult twists and turns of the English history it is impossible to find any other dynasty which draws so much attention as the Tudors. They ruled the country a bit more than hundred years; their claims to the throne were highly questionable. But the fact is that the Tudors’ reign became the brightest historical era by giving the country its great cultural heritage in the form of magnificent palaces and residences, the basis of contemporary English and unique personalities.
Let’s return for 500 years ago and immerse ourselves in the world of the Royal secrets and affairs; romantic hopes and ambitious plans of controversial Henry VIII, cruel and tragic the ‘Bloody Mary’ as well as brave Elizabeth I; the authentic little towns of the ‘good old England’, beautiful palaces with the richest art collections and splendid royal parks.
Day 1
Flight to London
Flight to London where the program will begin. Arrival, accommodation in hotel. The evening city tour is possible.
Day 2
A big sightseeing city tour
A big sightseeing city tour with photo breaks in the most beautiful spots. London is not simply the capital of the Great Britain. This is, above all, a modern metropolis, world cultural and financial center which constitutes a heart of the rich historical past as well as contemporary prospects of the new social tendencies. You will get acquainted with the most prominent city landmarks including the Westminster and the City; Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery, Thames embankments, various parks; Buckingham Palace and many other places.  
Visit in the one of the famous London museums in the afternoon: the Tower* (excursion in the Medieval exposition; Royal Treasury; and – if possible – visit St. Peter and Vikula Church where Anne Boleyn, the most famous wife of Henry VIII, was buried) or Westminster Abbey* – the traditional coronation and burial place of British Monarchs. Free time. 
Day 3
Free time in the city or additional excursion: the trip to Hampton Court and Richmond*.
Free time in the city or additional excursion: the trip to Hampton Court and Richmond*.  Hampton Court is a magnificent palace which was built at the behest of the powerful Cardinal Wolsey and became the favorite place of Henry VIII. The Palace and Park Ensemble includes the oldest part (dedicated to the aristocracy life in the 16th century), the modern wing designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and splendid French Park.
On the way back is a stay in Richmond – the modern suburb of London founded in the era of Henry VII. Lunch* organized at the domestic restaurant is by request as well as a boat trip to Westminster*.

Day 4
Free time in the city or additional excursion: the trip to Hever castle and Greenwich*.
Free time in the city or additional excursion: the trip to Hever castle and Greenwich*. Visit to the Hever Castle which was the former residence of the Boleyn family where Anne Boleyn was born and spent her childhood. The Castle was bought and restored by William Waldorf Astor. Though it preserved its architectural identity of the 16th century and possess significant historical treasures belonged to the powerful English family (i.e., the silver watch as a wedding present from Henry to Anne, Anne’s book of prayers, secret catholic chapel). Hever is surrounded by splendid Garden which nobody leaves indifferent. 
On the way back is visit to Greenwich – the ‘see gate’ of London. City walk. Visit the Royal Observatory*. Boat trip to Westminster is by request*.

Day 5
Departure to the north. Visit Hatfield House*
Departure to the north. Visit Hatfield House*,the family residence of dukes and marquises Salisbury (from Cecil family) over 400 years. 
The House is a vivid example of the most preserved aristocratic residences. It keeps unique belongings of Queen Elizabeth I (pair of gloves, silk stockings, a family tree, and an ‘ermine’ portrait of the Queen made by Hilliard miniaturist). The surrounded Gardens are the oldest in Britain.  
Visit to Cambridge in the afternoon. Town walk. An independent visit to one the colleges*. Overnight in hotel on the way. 
Day 6
Moving to Lincolnshire
Moving to Lincolnshire. Acquaintance with Stamford, one of the most authentic towns of the County, like a vivid picture of the past centuries. An additional trip to Burghley House*  the most epic residence preserved from the Elizabethan Times and reflected architecture tastes of the 16th century. The palace is in the possession of the descendants of William Cecil, the head of the Elizabethan government. It is surrounded by a beautiful park of the 18th century. Overnight in hotel on the way.  
Day 7
Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon
Visit to Stratford-upon-Avon where William Shakespeare was born and lived. A walk through the town: St. Trinity Church where the famous playwright was buried; the Royal Shakespeare Theatre; the Shakespeare House etc. Moving to Worcester in the afternoon. Town walk. Visit the Tudor Museum* in free time. Moving to Cotswold which is famous through its honey-colored stone cottages that became a symbol of English provincial comfort. Visit one of small towns (Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water, Moreton-in-Marsh etc.). Overnight in hotel on the way (near Salisbury). 
Day 8
Visit the ancient town Salisbury
Visit the ancient town Salisbury. The symbol of the town is its splendid cathedral, a pure example of the early English Gothic style and the highest building of the medieval England (its spire is 123 m). Free time. Trip to Wilton house* is by request. The house is presented the Wiltshire estate of the dukes of Pembroke who own the richest art collections including the masterpieces painted by Rubens, Van Dyke, Rembrandt, Del Sarto,  Chippendale and many others. Return to hotel.
Day 9
Visit Winchester
Visit Winchester. A walk through the town for the opportunity to see the most interesting landmarks – the cathedral* and the Great Hall*. (If possible) excursion in the Highclere Castle which is well-known for the filming of the “Downton Abbey” (tickets must be booked in advance). Return to London.
Day 10
The end of the program.
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